BUSINESS PLAN FOR STUDIO: And This Is Where You Come In…..

(Meet the perfect neighbors for the People’s Hollywood Studio!)

So, here’s what we’re working on………

time runs outThe New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has invited Brooklyn Young Filmmakers to submit a business plan for converting a stall at the Moore Street Market into the People’s Hollywood Studio.        Continue reading BUSINESS PLAN FOR STUDIO: And This Is Where You Come In…..

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This new website is to serve Brooklyn Young Filmmakers two program goals – and that’s why we have two blogs featured side-by-side on our home page.

2 Blogs - 1
This is BLOG #2  where we invite you to become part of our online SkillShares.

Have you checked out or Video Slideshow above?!  You can flip through our different Channels!   More on this below,  after we tell you what to expect next door:

BLOG  #1   we invite  you to help us with our business plan for the People’s Hollywood Studio.  Right now we are figuring out our numbers:

What will our start-up costs and monthly operating budget be for the People’s Hollywood Studio if it is housed in a 270 sq ft stall in the Moore Street Market in Bushwick?

We are currently negotiating wholesale relationships with vendors who might supply our filmmakers store and Brooklyn  food artisan concession stand.    You’ll want to read BLOG #1 if you:

1)   are a vendor who is interested in discussing a possible wholesale relationship with BYFC

2)   know a local vendor you love and want to recommend to us

3)   are interested in (or teach) entrepreneurship development


Brooklyn Young Filmmakers is taking our SkillShares about Careers in Film and our Storytelling Lessons online:

  • to reach more people who are beginners (or who are parents and teachers of interested young beginners)
  • to give more professionals the opportunity to teach and  to give back in a way that is convenient and simple for them

We are creating our own video Channels focused on different topics.    (For a list of our topics see below).


When  you view a video, please make a comment:

  • giving additional information you have on the topic or sharing a story about your own experience
  • asking  a question that you hope we (or someone else reading your comment) can answer

If you are a student, hobbyist, or professional, in the future you will be able to submit your own video to us  for possible posting  if you think it  fits one of the Channel topics.   (More on this in later posts)


Mystery Of  Channel - 1

1st series is on the Mystery of Sound.  We have Josh, our high school intern,  trailing as an intern at Professional Sound Services.   What Josh ended up wanting to know more about is Sound Mixers.  (3 episodes)*

My Passion channelSolomon Oke, featured  photographer-filmmaker, is father of two little girls and security guard by day  (4 episodes)

New Folk Hero channel

David Boyde,  a Film Teamster, Bronx native and Staten Island resident, is our first featured professional   (6 episodes)*   

Feeding Storyteller channel

Hannah Eko,  starts the University of Pittsburgh MA Creative Writing Program  in September.  She is a blogger, short story writer and beginning scriptwriter.   (5 episodes)

Directing channel

Director Adonis Williams focuses on “Directing the Music Video” (5 episodes).  Adonis is currently in development with his third short film, SAVED MESSAGES.  His first film career was  directing and producing music videos .*

Film Club channelThe first pair of films we study:   CAPE FEAR (1962) vs CAPE FEAR (1991)    (8 episodes)

Sponsor channel

Rich Topham Jr, owner of Professional Sound Services and six time Emmy winner for Sound Recording, talks about why he is supporting the People’s Hollywood Studio.  (4 episodes)

A-List channelOur first A-Lister is Will Howard, the IT guy who volunteered to put up the  new BYFC website, and who is IT staff for .  (3 episodes)

*These video series  (Mystery Of…, New American Folk Hero, Directing the Music Video, and the Last Tuesday Film Club) are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs  in Partnership with the City Council

Hello world!

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers recently moved into a new space in Bushwick.   We are re-visioning our website and will be re-launching it in January, 2015 as well as announcing classes and events at our new location.

Happy holidays and meet-up with you in the new year!