LIFE VIA FILM:  ”80/20″                                                                Thurs, April 10, 7-9pm, Free   441 Myrtle Ave,  Mark’s Gourmet Burgers

LIFE VIA FILM is many lessons in one — covering scriptwriting, directing, editing, and cultural themes!

Start the lesson here by reading the 80-20 – Script Opening for Credits . Then view this video comparison of the first rough assembly (no sound, no music) of the footage vs the final edit of the same script segment — though re-conceived with new visuals pulled from later in the story.


Join us April 10th for a reading and discussion of the  “80/20″ script, then view the short film it was made into. We’ll  discuss its filmmaking history followed by a lively dialogue on the themes and cultural insights of the film.

“80/20” A story about the grey area between ‘having fun’ and being bf-gf.       Sometimes it’s the little fights that push you to big decisions.

Facilitators: Hashim Locario (actor, filmmaker, and modern dating/life coach), Aljam Smith (radio host, rehabilitation counselor, and musician),  and Trayce Gardner (writer/filmmaker & BYFC Director) 

BYFC EVENING OF SKILLSHARES     March 21 at the Ingersoll Community Center                                           

The evening featured seminars on Music for Beginners; Hair and Make-up for Camera; Promoting Yourself and Project Online; Understanding the Dating Game; and Telling a Story in Pictures.   People of different backgrounds, skill levels, and ages engaged in lively discussions.  Many thanks to our presenters for great lessons!



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