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Due Process


Pics of Space

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers moved into the Moore Street Market in Bushwick in October, 2014, with a business plan for creating the People’s Hollywood Studio – a combination of learning center, school store, equipment rental, and ice cream café to be created in an empty Market stall (800 sq ft approx.).

The Studio can help turn Brooklyn Young Filmmakers into a

mONEYMAKINGSelf-Sustaining Non-Profit in a year through

  • Multiple mini-business ventures (services and sales) fused under one roof
  • Low operating budget based upon the affordable Market rent
  • Major in-kind equipment donations (that have already begun)
  • Product sponsorship agreements that offer BYFC products at cost in exchange for marketing
  • Mentorship volunteerism by film professionals
  • Lean, mobile  space design that is easily reshaped for different activities

Moore St Market

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center Inc. signed a lease with the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), the non-profit contracted by the city to manage the Moore Street Market.   The BEDC wanted to bring a calendar of cultural events into the Market to help increase foot traffic and customer diversity, but had no money for this.

They believed BYFC’s People’s Hollywood Studio had the potential to help turn the Market into a cultural hub, in addition to the food destination it is.

Steps    BYFC set up a base in converted rented cages in the Market underground.   We were to begin offering classes and free events at the Market in December, while launching a fundraising campaign to lease an empty stall in the Market ——


In November everything at Moore Street Market came to a halt.  The city announced it was taking over management of the building.   Then in December all the tenants were told the Moore Street Market leases signed with the BEDC  were  void…………

Happy Holidays

The NYC Economic Development The Corporation (EDC) took over the management of Moore Street and has still to share its vision for the Market.

The 70 year-old historic Market has been losing money.    The quickest way for the EDC to solve that problem would be to raise rents and seek higher-end merchants.  The city just completed a block long plaza on one side of the Market and is painting  its interior, adding to the Market’s appeal.


Brooklyn Young Filmmakers has tried to get a sit down meeting with the EDC to discuss our business plan and the goals we had outlined with the BEDC.     In the meanwhile all our planning has come to a standstill……………………………


Stand Up for Us



Tuesday:  “People’s Hollywood Studio & It’s Target Market”

Thursday:  “How a Studio at Moore St Can Help Put the Market in the Black”

Monday:  “Our Business Plan for the School and Store”

Wednesday:   “Supporting Innovation Growing From the Ground Up”

                                 HOW YOU CAN HELP!


Hello world!

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers recently moved into a new space in Bushwick.   We are re-visioning our website and will be re-launching it in January, 2014 as well as announcing classes and events at our new location.

Happy holidays and meet-up with you in the new year!