If you are interested in one of our classes listed below, please fill out a Student Questionnaire and indicate the days/times you are available to take classes.  We’ll confirm we received your information and will let you know when we are starting a class at a day/time that fits your schedule.

For more information on the classes or to be contacted when we announce classes:   (718) 935-0490

Intro to the Basics of Scriptwriting (1 hour session) Free

An introduction to script format, the goals of scriptwriting, the mistakes beginners often make, and an overview of what is covered in the “Writing a Short Script You Can Produce” class.  (For adults and teens 16 and older)

Writing a Short Script You Can Produce (4 sessions, 12hrs) $80

A course for students who are writing their first script, and for writers who have already written a short script that they are having problems completing. The emphasis is on creating scripts that can be easily used by a producer and crew as the ‘blueprint’ for a low/no budget short film or web pilot episode. Students will learn three act structure; character and back story development; how to use props and set as visuals to help advance the story; and techniques for engaging the audience.   (Two versions of class available – one for adults and teens 16 and older, and one for teens 13-16 years old)

What is a Production Assistant? (1 hour session) Free

An introduction to what production assistants do, why they are important on a film set, and what to expect if you start working as an unpaid intern on low budget films.

Getting Started as a Production Assistant  (2 sessions, 6hrs)  $40

The basics of what production assistants do; how a set runs and who does what; important terminology; how to shape a resume when you have no set experience; where to look for PA positions; importance of networking; and how to be the PA-To-The-Rescue.  If you successfully complete the class, Brooklyn Young Filmmakers will help you get placements as an unpaid intern on film shoots so that you can start getting hands on experience.  (For adults and teens 16 and older)

Tips on How to Organize a Low/No Budget Short Film Shoot  (3 hour session)  $20

This course covers the basics of producing a short film with a very small cash budget and lots of in-kinds.  How well you film comes out has more to do with the quality of your script, how organized your set and crew are, and how well you plan your shots and production design,  rather than if you shoot with a RED camera or your phone camera.   Instead learn how to shape your story to fit the money and resources that you can raise within a set time period.   Planning your film project in detail will help you attract support and become practical and inventive, while in the process perfecting your script for the budget you have.

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